Technology for demanding markets

It consists of the two business areas, SMS Siemag and SMS Meer, as well as industrial participations. SMS Holding is responsible for strategic planning and control. ... The strip preparation equipment supplied by SMS Meer includes the coil magazine, coil car, uncoiler, coil opener unit with coil peeler and combined pinch roll

CSP technology

Efficient thin strip production. CSP®technology offers optimal pre-conditions for the stable production of large amounts of thin-gauge products at low cost. Thin (< 1.5 mm) and ultra-thin (< 1.0 mm) hot strip can be used to substitute cold strip. Thus significant cost advantages can be attained.

JSW Cold Rolling Mills | Widest Cold Rolling Mill for Automotive …

Proven overseas technology from SMS Siemag for PLTCM and JP Steel Plantech for CAL & CGL; Continuous pickling line (capacity: 1.3 Mtpa) supplier - Flat Products India Ltd. ... The main purpose of electrolytic cleaning is to remove the carried over rolling oils and other debris left on the strip surface after rolling.

SMS Siemag AG

SMS Siemag AG is part of the SMS Holding . This is the holding for a group of companies internationally active in plant construction and mechanical engineering relating to the processing of steel and …

Integrated design of roll contours for strip edge drop and crown

Hartung et al. (1998) in SMS Schloemann Siemag AG developed 4-high or 6-high CVC with the edge drop control cooling system (EDC cooling) and EDC rolls, ... Strip edge drop and crown occur in the rolling process. As shown in Fig. 1, there are different contributions to strip edge drop and crown, including the deflection of BR(BR ...

Reversing cold mills for steel

Threading in and tailing out assistance system for batch type cold rolling mills to minimize strip off-gauge weight and/or length and therefore increase the yield substantially.. We launched X-Pact ® TRC ® as a part of our process control package within X-Pact ® Automation. It drastically reduces off-gauge lengths respectively weights and improves …

SMS Siemag Company Profile

SMS Siemag South Africa is -owned by its parent company, SMS Siemag AG, which is -owned by SMS Holding in Germany. In 2013, SMS group attracted an order intake of €3.3-billion and ...

The cold-plate leveler at

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W6!7!304E Skin-Pass Mills References | PDF

for hot and cold strip MAXIMUM FLEXIBILITY Offline skin-pass mills for hot and cold strip from SMS Siemag are stand-alone rolling facilities which can be operated flexibly from various process stages. In the years between 1999 and 2011 SMS Siemag supplied 15 offline skin-pass mills for hot and cold strip, including stainless steel strip. 20 21 ...

Turkey's Gazi Metal orders cold strip facility from SMS Siemag

The strip mill to be provided by SMS Siemag will have an overall annual capacity of 350,000 mt to produce cold strip made of carbon steel and silicon steel as of 2013. In the first construction stage, SMS will also provide a semi-continuous pickling line with an attached acid regeneration plant, producing strips with widths ranging from 600 …

Higher performance with Mancrodur

Work roll bearing arrangement in a 7 stand hot strip mill Operator: ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe, Bochum Equipment manufacturer: SMS group (SMS Siemag) 00094497 ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe AG (TKSE) TKSE is a leading worldwide supplier of flat carbon steel. With a workforce of approximately 27000 employees, it produces

Hot strip mill for steel

The X-Roll® hot strip mill from SMS group is an all-round talent in hot strip production. It is the proper solution for ultra-thin gauges up to thick gauges for all steel grades incl. LC, ULC, high strength grades, API grades.

SMS Siemag to deliver record-capacity annealing, pickling line

SMS Siemag, Düsseldorf, Germany, will install what it says is the world's highest-capacity annealing and pickling line for hot strip at Tisco (Shanxi Taigang Stainless Steel Co.), a steel producer in Taigang, China. ... The line will process strips with gauges from 0.08 to 0.24 in. and widths from 40.94 to 64.96 in. Processing speed is 328 FPM ...


SMS group has a unrivalled competence in metallurgical plant engineering not only for a single metal, but also for steel as well as for aluminum, copper and other non-ferrous metals. Choose a different country or region to see content for your location. Light theme. Light theme. Hint. Confirm. Press and ...

SMS group , Dusseldorf, Germany

Reg­is­tra­tion · Member of the Executive Board (4) · Capital: €52M · Seat: Dusseldorf · Legal form: AG · Name: SMS Demag AG · Corporate Purpose. . 27 Mar 2001 via Hertwich Engineering , also 27/03/2001, 19/12/2000, 01/02/2000, 01/02/2000. Shareholding: Hertwich Engineering .



Device for straightening metal strip

SMS Siemag AG Priority date (The priority date is an assumption and is not a legal conclusion. Google has not performed a legal analysis and makes no representation as to the accuracy of the date listed.) Filing date Publication date Application filed by SMS Siemag AG filed Critical SMS Siemag AG

20 years of CSP

Confidential · © SMS Siemag AG MMMM 2011 - 8th International Exhibition + Conference 11 - 14 February 2011 2 0 200 400 600 800 1,000 1,200 1,400 1950 1954 1958 1962 ...

SMS group in China

SMS Siemag Technology (Tianjin) Co. Ltd. Our Tianjin workshop, located in Tianjin Xiqing Economic Development Area, was established in May 2012. The first phase of the Tianjin workshop occupies 14,500 m² of land and 5,600 m² of building space. It's strategically located near several major highways – just 10 km from downtown Tianjin and 33 ...

CONARC Process for Steelmaking – IspatGuru

The CONARC process for the production of carbon steels is split into two stages. The first stage consists of the converter process during which the decarburization of liquid iron is done by blowing oxygen in the liquid iron through the top lance. The second stage is the electric arc process during which the electric energy is used for melting ...


Most recent technologies in cold rolling to improve product quality Rüdiger Holz, Dr. Karl Hoen, Dr. Hartmut Pawelski, Christoph Schwarz

Development of Modern Hot Strip mill and its Main Features

In Europe, SMS Schloemann – Siemag addressed the imperatives of lower capital outlay and better energy use in a different way to the coil box. The technical breakthrough pioneered by SMS was the commercial development of thin slab casting which eliminated the roughing mill of a conventional hot strip mill.


Since the commissioning of the first CSP®-plant (Compact Strip Production) in 1989 at Nucor in Crawfordsville (USA), SMS Siemag's CSP® technology has further evolved into a standard process for the manufacture of high-quality hot strip. Today there are 28 CSP® plants in operation worldwide, achieving a total annual production

Thin Slab Casting and Rolling – IspatGuru

The first breakthrough in this direction was achieved in October 1985 by SMS Schloemag-Siemag when the first thin slab of 50 mm thickness was cast in a pilot plant in Kreuztal-Buschhutten. This success …

SMS Siemag | UANI

SMS Siemag. "German steel plant maker SMS Group signed a $400 million deal in February last year to expand capacity of an Iranian steel plant. However, it has put its plans on ice and is wrapping up its business in the country." ( 5/24/2018 ). "During a two-day visit to Tehran the German economy ministry said several firms from the Mittelstand ...


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