Has anyone tried making tungsten jigs?

Only a couple of places making them. Of coarse tungsten has a melting point of 6192°f does put a damper on pouring your own, compared to lead melting point of 327°f, but they can be purchased in bulk, then paint or add your finishing touches to the raw jigs. They are extremely heavy weight for the size of the jig head.

Tungsten Ice Fishing Jigs | Tournament Winning Baits & Lures

Build A "Tungsten Bug" With Ice Pro Walt Matan. I like to add Custom Jigs & Spins plastics to the tungsten Chekai and Majmün jigs. You can use Ratso/Shrimpo tails, Wedgees, Noodels and Nuclear Ant legs in combination. One extremely effective combo is what I like to call a "Tungsten Bug". I'll slide Nuclear Ant legs up on a Chekai ...

Tungsten Jigs

Check out our full collection of tungsten jigs. Tungsten is 30% heavier than lead which allows us to create smaller jig heads that fall faster and offer more precise jigging …

Brainerd Fishing Report: October 16, 2023

We opt for using Lindy Fatboy Tungsten Jigs and Mister Twister Sassy Stingum plastics to catch our fish. Sunfish are near the same areas as walleyes on edges of expansive weed flats in large schools, and will hit an angling worm or leech tipped on a small lead or tungsten jig casted or under slip floats/bobbers.

Tungsten Panfish Punch – Punch Jig & Punch Fly

Tungsten Panfish Punch – Punch Jig & Punch Fly. Brian "Bro" Brosdahl talks about the new Tungsten Punch Jig and Fly. The punch series features a new head design that makes it 20% heavier than traditional bead head jigs & flies. Its unique head is backed up with a strong sharp hook that won't let you down when you are chasing after ...

Tungsten Jig

Northland Fishing Tackle's Tungsten Jig gives anglers a step up on traditional round ball lead jigs. Molded from Tungsten which is 30% more dense than …

The Best Little Walleye Jig You May Not Have Heard Of

The heaviest, most compact tungsten jigs available, FISKAS XL Walleye Series encompasses three small yet ultra-heavy sizes and eleven handpainted colors. Three vivid epoxy-painted patterns and a metallic gold with a glow bead configuration give anglers additional outside-the-box options. Each anvil-heavy, compact jig sports a classic …

Brainerd Fishing Report: October 23, 2023

We opt for using Lindy Fatboy Tungsten Jigs and Mister Twister Sassy Stingum plastics to catch our fish. Sunfish are near the same areas as walleyes on edges of expansive weed flats in large schools, and will hit an angling worm or leech tipped on a small lead or tungsten jig casted or under slip floats/bobbers.

Tungsten Jigs

I use Beast Coast Tungsten and Siebert Outdoors Tungsten jigs. Both are in the $5-6. I have nothing but good things to say about both of them. 1. 1. Quote. 171. Posted November 10, 2020. I got a few of the Siebert tungsten jigs early this year. 3/8 oz are a great smaller profile, but not overly small.

Which weight tungsten jig for crappies on ice…?

I dont have any of the Tungsten Fly, but do have some of the Tubby jigs. I would say you will probably want the 1/32 and 1/16 for crappie. The 1/64 are really small and I tend to use the 1/32 most in water up to 20 feet. I believe the 1/64 is #14, 1/32 is #12, and 1/16 is either a 8 or 10.

Tungsten Ice Jigs – Amped Outdoors

Glitter Pink Eye Tungsten Glow Jig. In stock. From $1.29. Select options. 1 2. All Tungsten Jigs come with the finest Japanese hooks and are made of 97% Pure Tungsten! Promotion: Buy 30 or more jigs and select an Amped Outdoors branded jig box of your choice and the box becomes free at checkout!

Kenders Outdoors | eBay Stores

Tungsten Jigs - 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm - Kenders Outdoors Ice Fishing/Summer Fishing. $3.49. Kenders Tungsten Wonder Feather (6 Pack) GLOW WONDERBREAD/WHITE FEATHER 2 SIZES . $28.74. Kenders ALL COLOR SKUD (7 PACK) Panfish Jigs/Crappie Jigs/Ice Jigs. $23.65. All items. Sort: Best Match. Best Match.

60g tungsten jigs continue to catch the premier fish

Check SPAM folder if you don't recv confirmation. Action Hat. Tungsten Jigs. Most Recent Posts. Tested the new Phenix Black Diamond East Coast rod and caught 3 different tackle strainers October 7, 2023; 3 New VMC hooks for lighter line applications you need to know about September 26, 2023;

From tungsten to tin, unleaded fishing tackle becoming more …

Another national retailer sells the Clam Pro Tackle Drop Tg Tungsten Jig, that fishes and looks identical to traditional Minnesota walleye and crappie jigs and comes in the same weights and colors, sells for about $6.99 for a pack of three. They sell a pack of similar lead jigs for $4.99 for a pack of 10.

Tungsten Ice Jigs – Motley Fishing

Tungsten Ice Jigs $ 0.85 – $ 16.25. Color: Size Clear: Tungsten Ice Jigs quantity. Add to cart. Add to Wishlist. Add to Wishlist. SKU: N/A Categories: Flipping Weights, Tungsten Ice Jigs. Description ; Additional …

Kodiak Tungsten jigs from Marks Bait | Ohio Game Fishing

I have received nothing but good reviews regarding the new Tungsten ice jigs. They're made by Joe Pikulski, who most know from the ice fishing tournament program on TV called Icemen.The jigs come in sizes 1.15gr and .095gr. Joe has worked hard the past year putting a quality product on the market for us icers.

Tungsten Jigs

Acme Jigs; Hyper-T Tungsten Jig; Jack Knife Jig; Pro Grade Tungsten Jig (2 PACK) Mick-E Tungsten Jig; Rattlin' Google Eye Tungsten Jigs (1 PACK) Tungsten Pendu Ice Jig; Hammered Tungsten Ice Jigs (2 …

In need of tungsten jigs

Smaller profile for the same weight - lead is 11.34gm/cc, tungsten is 19.22gm/cc...brass and steel are both under 10gm/cc so have larger profiles for the weight. Also, quite a few states are now banning lead weights.

TUNGSTEN JIGS – Page 2 – Kenders Outdoors

Kenders offers a large variety of Premium Tungsten Jigs both in Glow and Non-Glow. Whether its crystal clear water, or dark stained water, Kenders Tungsten has a presentation to offer. Free Shipping on Orders $49 and …


"Super-Glo" TUNGSTEN FIRE-BALL® UV JIGS come individually packaged, in 6 Super-Glo "Balls-of-Fire" glow-in-the-dark UV color patterns. And in2 popular panfish jig weights—1/28 and 1/16 oz. -each carefully matched to the correct size hook. But just because they're small doesn't mean they're light-weights; anything but.

Tungsten Jig Heads

Check out our 97% Tungsten Ned Head designed to stand up every time, it's also made in seven sizes for every situation from our ultra light 1/10 oz head to the 5/16 oz head that expands those deep... View Details

Tungsten jigs vs lead?

I use tungsten bullet weights but lead jigs. As a matter of fact I'll still the lead bullet weights under 1/4 oz. Agreed. I like the smaller profile of tungsten to match my typical soft plastic presentation when Texas rigging, but only past 1/4oz. I don't see a reason to switch from lead jigs, however.

Tungsten Ice Jigs

Tungsten Ice Jigs. Pages: 1 2 > View Per Page. 12; 24; 48; All; Heavy Metal Limited Edition Pro Series Tungsten Jig $ 3.19 to $ 6.99. See Details. Heavy Metal Thru Hole. $0.99. See Details. Heavy Metal Kuu Tungsten Jig $ 0.99 to $ 1.99. See Details. Heavy Metal Beaded Crystal Tungsten Jig $ 2.79 to $ 2.89 $ 1.49 to $ 1.49.

China Tungsten Ice Fishing Jig, Tungsten Ice Fishing Jig …

Home Product Directory Product List (Tungsten Ice Fishing Jig, 156 Products found) Tungsten Ice Fishing Jigs 2.7mm-7.0mm Min. Order: 300 Pieces . Type: Fishing ... Stock Tungsten Fishing Jigs Tungsten Bead Tungsten Ice Jigs in Stock Min. Order: 300 Pieces . Type: Fishing Lure; Number: 8# 10# 12# 14# 16# Material: Tungsten Alloy; Location: Sea;

Keitech Tungsten Jigs

Keitech Model II Tungsten Football Jig - Black Blue Flake - Version #2. $5.99. Quick view. Keitech Model II Tungsten Football Jig - Brown & Purple - Version #2. $5.99. Quick view. Keitech Model II Tungsten Football Jig - Dark Green Pumpkin - Version #2. $5.99.

Fitzgerald Fishing Bryan Thrift Tungsten Micro Jig

The difference between standard lead football heads and tungsten is a game changer. Hope to see a bluegill type color come out one day. From: Travis: Caldwell, Idaho 9/2/23. Comments: These are excellent jigs and provide a great "feel" for the bottom. I fish these jigs up to 30' deep here on Table Rock.

Kenders Outdoors

Tungsten fishing tackle for every level of angler. Get in touch. Toll Free: (800) 909-5447 | support@kendersoutdoors

Tungsten Jigs – Lucky Dawg Tackle

Our jigs have super sharp hooks and durable paint. Lucky Dawg Tackle tungsten jigs are great for ice fishing and are equally as good on open water panfish. Our selection features glow-tungsten, uv-tungsten, metallic tungsten and regular/non-glow tungsten. Lucky Dawg Tackle will help put more fish on the ice or in your boat!

Heavy Metal Epoxy Pro Tungsten Jig

The Epoxy Pro series of Heavy Metal Tungsten jigs combines the classic tear drop shape, super durable epoxy finish and larger hooks for our North American sized target species. The 6mm now sports a massive #6 hook that can even be used by savvy steelhead angler's. The Epoxy Pro series of Heavy Metal Tungsten jigs combines the classic tear drop ...


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