Trade Review: Met coal prices enter Q3 on downtrend as rainy …

Tight spot availability in the PCI and semisoft coking coal segments in Q2, coupled with a strong thermal coal market, led to an historic high relativity of 106.65% on May 30 for PCI and a record 92.37% on May 25 for semisoft coking coal. This compares with their average relativities of 73.2% and 65.41% since October 2011.

Demand – Coal Market Update – July 2022 – Analysis

We now forecast thermal coal demand for power generation to increase by 1% in 2022, slightly more than in the IEA's recent Electricity Market Report, after developments in recent weeks suggest higher coal power generation in India and Europe.


With electricity demand outpacing low-carbon supply, and with steeply rising natural gas prices, global coal power generation is on course to increase by 9% in 2021 to 10 350 terawatt-hours (TWh) – a new all-time high. However, coal's share of the global power mix in 2021 is expected to be 36% – 5 percentage points below its 2007 peak.

Our top takeaways from the Coal Forum 2023 | Wood …

Thermal coal demand is set for a long-term downward trend. By 2050, we forecast that there will be a 60% fall in traded thermal coal. But the global road to decarbonisation will not be a smooth one, and energy security and affordability concerns have slowed the decline in coal demand in the short term. As the industry navigates the …

Coal | Australia's Energy Commodity Resources 2022

Over the past decade, coal production has grown by an average annual rate of 2 per cent, moderated by a fall in production in 2010–11 due to flooding in Queensland and again in 2019–20 due to the impact of COVID-19 on global demand (Figure 7). In 2019–20, 90 per cent of Australia's black coal energy production was exported (Figure 8).

EXPLAINED: Coal Comfort? How It's At A Crossroads And Why

India's dependence of coal means the country also imports sizeable chunks of it to meet its power needs. Domestic electricity demand is predicted to double by 2040. India's installed capacity at present is a little shy of 400GW, of which coal, or thermal power, makes up more than 200GW.

Coal – Global Energy Review 2021 – Analysis

Higher coal demand was also driven by a decline in generation from hydro, following 2019's exceptionally high output. Our estimate for India coal consumption assumes a strong economic rebound in 2021, pushing Indian GDP firmly above 2019 levels and driving up coal demand by almost 9% to 1.4% above 2019 levels. In the United States, coal ...

The thermal coal outlook for 2023

Fitch said it forecast global thermal coal consumption to grow by 0.76 per cent year-on-year (yoy) in 2023, compared with the 4.5 per cent yoy growth achieved in 2022. At the same time, global thermal coal production is expected to grow by 2.14 per cent yoy in 2023, compared to 6.93 per cent yoy in 2022. While coal has been an important …

Global coal demand is set to return to its all-time high in 2022

Press release. 28 July 2022. The world's consumption of coal is set to rise slightly in 2022, taking it back to the record level it reached nearly a decade ago, according to an IEA report published today, which notes that significant uncertainty hangs over the outlook for coal as a result of slowing economic growth and energy market turbulence.

Weekly coal price review: thermal coal prices strengthen amid

The thermal coal market strengthened last week amid the supply concerns that arose from the war situation between Israel and Hamas. Apart from Indonesia, coal prices of all the other origins resumed bearish sentiment. This report is for subscribers only Start with a FREE 30-day trial and then save up to 22% with an annual subscription.

Indonesia needs 127.1 mil mt coal for domestic market in 2022: …

Indonesia requires 127.1 million mt of thermal coal supply from the producers for the domestic market in 2022 in order to fulfill local energy needs and avert a shortfall seen in December 2021, the en ... Latest News Headlines All Topics Videos Podcasts Special Reports Infographics Insights Magazine Insight Blog Research & …

Thermal coal markets short-term outlook March 2022

Report summary. Three key issues will drive coal markets over the short term. How the Ukraine-Russia conflict will impact coal supply and demand, whether China will be able to offset the economic impact from what is becoming the largest coronavirus outbreak since the start of the pandemic, and more broadly the risk posed by higher …

Commodities 2023: US thermal coal exports may struggle amid …

Meanwhile, China and India are likely to boost domestic production in 2023, which could have a bearish impact on US seaborne coal demand. S&P Global forecasts China's 2023 domestic coal production at 4.9 billion mt, up from 4.5 billion in 2022. India's coal production is projected at 950 million mt in 2023, up from 840 million mt on the year.

Coal Demand Is Spiking In 2021 | OilPrice

The price of semi-soft Australian coking coal (or metallurgical coal, used for steel production) was $127 per ton, up almost 80% year to date. "Year-to-date thermal coal exports from the U.S ...

India Energy Outlook 2021 – Analysis

Average annual growth in India GDP by scenario, 2019-2040. IEA. Licence: CC BY 4.0. Prior to the global pandemic, India's energy demand was projected to increase by almost 50% between 2019 and 2030, but growth …

Commodities 2023: US thermal coal exports may …

The EIA projects total coal consumption at 512.1 million st in 2022 and 477.8 million st in 2023. US seaborne thermal coal exports are expected to remain slightly softer in 2023 as demand from Asia wanes and supply side concerns take a back seat with the availability of additional Russian tonnages.

Global coal demand set to remain at record levels in 2023

27 July 2023. Global coal consumption climbed to a new all-time high in 2022 and will stay near that record level this year as strong growth in Asia for both power generation and industrial applications outpaces declines in the United States and Europe, according to the IEA's latest market update.

The Big Picture: Thermal coal outlook — Breakwave Advisors

Demand for coal, particularly seaborne product, has tapered as lockdowns have reduced energy usage and thus inventories at power plants are now at healthy levels. Looking beyond 2022, we see incremental declines in Chinese steam coal imports as it continues to strive to meet its coal needs from domestic mining.


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